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11/08/2022 | Continental Trade Fair Highlight: Plug-and-Play Concept to Link Digital Tachographs with the Cloud

VDO Link makes tachograph and vehicle data available remotely and in real time, thereby simplifying compliance tasks, especially for small fleets


12/05/2022 | Facelift and Upgrade: The Second-Generation VDO WorkshopTab for Tachograph Maintenance is Here

The new tablet facilitates simple and reliable planning of service in truck workshops, ensuring continuity in inspection and calibration


03/05/2022 | The European Register of Road Transport Undertakings (ERRU)

The European Commission plans to set up a European Register of Road Transport Undertakings – ERRU for short


03/05/2022 | Driver scorecards analyze tachograph data for better compliance and safety

The new scorecard features for TIS-Web utilize DTCO data to give a clearer picture of driver performance and violations


29/09/2021 | Security instead of fines: Scorecards based on tachograph data keep track of violations

New functions in software for fleet and tachograph management from Continental help keep track of fleet violations using DTCO data


01/09/2021 | Setting the course for the Trust Center for commercial vehicles – the DTCO 4.1 is en route!

The tachograph will have completely new control functions in the future, in line with the EU directives on cabotage and the posting of workers


20/05/2021 | Continental Supplies Tachograph Data Management Solution for Frotcom´s Fleet Management System

More insights, more efficiency: Continental’s VDO TIS-Web solution for tachograph data management has been interfaced with Frotcom FMS


21/04/2021 | Software upgrade for smart tachographs saves time for truck drivers and provides better transparency

More time saved: Drivers can now drive off while the card is being read in, and country recognition is automatic


21/04/2021 | Software upgrade for smart tachographs lets bus drivers drive off in less time

More time saved: correct, automatic recommendation in the country list and faster manual entries in multi-manning operation


21/03/2021 | The Smart Tachographs Are Coming: What Workshops Should Know about Testing

Important: In the coming months a new generation of tachographs will be coming to workshops for their first inspections

Result 1 to 10 of 115
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