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Driver scorecards analyze tachograph data for better compliance and safety

  • The new scorecard features for TIS-Web utilize DTCO data to give a clearer picture of driver performance and violations
  • The list of “10 most frequent violations” shows companies where they need to take quick action and provide training for their drivers
  • An early warning system notifies fleet operators in good time of impending fines or loss of their EU community license

Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, May 3, 2022. Continental has enhanced its fleet services by adding new features to its proven VDO software for fleet and tachograph management, which monitors driver compliance with the law. Fleet managers and transport companies can now make full use of the data in their systems by means of VDO Fleet Scorecards for TIS-Web. The software enables them to analyze the performance of individual drivers – even retroactively over many months.

The release is available to users of the Pro version of VDO TIS-Web. For each driver it shows a score based on the number and severity of violations. This makes it possible to identify trends and schedule appropriate training. “The scorecards give fleet managers a better view of compliance in TIS-Web,” says Timo Ketterer, Head of Service Product Management in Continental’s Commercial Vehicle Fleet Services business segment. “They are notified of risks, can see causes at a glance and can use reports to decide what steps are necessary.”

Fleet managers using the advanced version of TIS-Web already are able to see the aggregated score for their entire fleet today. In addition, when logging in to the system, they receive a warning on the dashboard if the fleet’s total violations exceed a certain limit specified in EU Regulation 2016/403. “The times when managers had to import data from digital tachographs to Excel or another program are over,” says Timo Ketterer. Now it is much easier. With just a few clicks, the TIS-Web dashboard provides a complete picture of violations, plus analyses at the driver level.

Detection of frequent violations and talks with the drivers concerned

Any violation of the rules, for example on driving or rest periods, represents a financial risk for fleet managers – and the fines for drivers can also be severe. EU Regulation 2016/403 additionally sets a limit for violations per driver and year. Violations are classified in different categories based on their seriousness according to a scale that is uniform throughout Europe. If the limit is exceeded, a procedure is started at the national level and the fleet operator’s reliability status is reviewed. In the worst case the operator can lose its EU transport license.

TIS-Web helps fleet managers avoid this. The new scorecard not only gives a clearer visual presentation of the DTCO data, in the Pro version it also displays the fleet’s most frequent violations, updated each week. Fleet managers thus get an early warning of problems and can take prompt countermeasures.

Calculation is based on the ERRU Messaging System (European Register of Road Transport Undertakings), which links the national electronic registers of transport companies and permits sharing of recorded data on violations in the EU. The VDO Fleet scorecards for TIS-Web use this information to determine the 10 most frequent violations of a fleet so that managers can see where in the team there might be an increased need for training. Moreover, the driver scorecards show which drivers are better suited for certain assignments than others. Drivers’ working days are tracked on the scorecards to ensure fairness and comparability of such a classification. “Our driver scorecard gives fleet operators an important tool for monitoring driver violations and taking timely corrective action if necessary,” says Ketterer. “This means talking with the drivers involved and making them more aware of the problem.”


VDO TIS-Web will soon become VDO Fleet: In mid-2022 this software family for archiving tachograph data and monitoring key figures on vehicles and drivers will have a new name. Other names for software products will clearly reflect their purpose. VDO TIS-Web Scorecards will become VDO Fleet Scorecards (ERRU). VDO TIS-Web DMM 5.0, for archiving and evaluating tachograph data, will become VDO Fleet Tachograph Management. And VDO TIS-Web Motion will be called VDO Fleet Tachograph Live Services. This software solution enables track & trace and provides real-time information about drivers’ remaining driving and rest times.



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